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Name: Odipo Osano

Associate Professor: Environmental Toxicology

Email: odipo@africaonline.co.ke; odipoosano@gmail.com

Skype: odipoosano


Telephone: +(254)722280381 

Postal Address: P. O. Box 3533, Eldoret 30100, Kenya 


- PhD 2002 (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

- Master of Veterinary Public Health(MVPH; University of Nairobi; 1992)

- Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM;University of Nairobi; 1989)


Current affiliation: 

- University of Eldoret, School of Environmental Studies, Kenya, P. O. Box 1125, Eldoret 30100 Kenya. 

Languages spoken and Written: 

- English , Kiswahili, Luo, French

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinator Center for Culture, Biological Diversity and Policy Interface (2011 - to date)
  2. Dean, School of Environmental Studies (2009 to 2011)
  3. Founder and member of African Network of Internationalization of Education (ANIE) 2009 to date
  4. AvH-IOEC Institutional Partnership for Environmental Health: Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya. This is under the Research Group Linkage programme of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. To start Jan 2010. Host Country Implementers Profs Joseph Lalah and Odipo Osano. Project Implementer Prof. dr dr Karl-Werner Schramm - 
  5. Managing Director, Moi University Holdings Limited. Responsible for mobilizing the personnel and physical resources of Moi University for commercial purposes (2006 to July 2009)
  6. Manager, Consultancy Services, Moi University Holdings Limited. Responsible for mobilizing the personnel and physical resources of Moi University for commercial purposes (2005-2006)
  7. Project Leader Moi University Biotechnology Center (MUBTC). A Rockefeller Foundation supported Project. (2005 to date)
  8. Host Country PI -Leader, Water Quality and Ecology component of the River Nzoia Watershed Management. This was a USAID supported project. (2004 to 2007).


Profession and Subjects:

Profession-  Research Scientist

Subjects  Environmental Toxicology; Environemntal Risk Assessment; Environmental Microbiology; Environmental Impact Assessment; Occupational Health and safety; Veterinary Public Health; Veterinary Surgeon.

Working experience:

Lecturing and Research at the University (1996 to date)

Administration - majorly as Dean of School of Environmental Studies and Managing Director of University Company

Research Project Leadership 

Public service with the Government of Kenya as a Veterinary Officer (6 years)

Veterinary Clinical work (6 years)

Research in Veterinary Public Health and Ecotoxicology 

Current research interests:

Establishment of of bioassay tools for ecotoxicity tests in the Eastern and Southern Africa regions especially Xenopus spp which are native.

Establishment of the effect of different climatic and biophysical conditions on toxicity of organic pollutants. 

Genotoxicity, teratogenic, mutagenic and  carcinogenic effects of degradation products of organic chemicals with special reference to the pesticides used in the Eastern Africa.

Epidemiology of metal accumulation through the coupled life cycles of copepods, tape worms, cyprinid fish and humans in the coastal zone of Lake Victoria, Kenya.